Our Mission

We Nourish and Serve Our Community
With Pride, Purpose and Integrity by
Offering Quality, Healthy and Flavorful Foods and by
Providing Caring and Knowledgeable Service
That Puts People and Communities First.

We Create Unique and Enjoyable Experiences
For Our Customers and Our Employees
That Enrich and Improve Their Lives.

Community Foods Market is built on the belief that food can bring people together, build community and strengthen families. And that socializing and great experiences often happen in food spaces, creating long-lasting memories and relationships.

As an independent, mission-driven and locally owned grocer, we strive to be an anchor to our neighborhood and a resource to the people we serve. We see our role as helping our customers live better by reducing the stress of being busy and time strapped, maybe on a tight budget, and having choices to make all of the time. We do anything we can to be of service and help our customers feel more at ease and more able to enjoy their lives.

Our vision is to become an empowering, inspiring and transformative place to work for our employees and to enable them to feel a sense of purpose in their work. We strive to create a workplace environment where our employees are empowered to make a difference and are continuously developing and improving themselves.

Our Story

Our roots began just two blocks from our store location when our CEO, Brahm Ahmadi, co-founded a nonprofit organization called People's Grocery in 2002. For fifteen years, People's Grocery worked to address the needs of the local community for access to fresh foods, as well as for health and nutrition education. The nonprofit was best known for operating the nation's first Mobile Market - a colorful food store on wheels that carried a mix of fresh and packaged foods and stopped at central locations in the neighborhood.

In 2010, Brahm began building on his experiences at People's Grocery to form a vision and plan for bringing the first full-service food market to the McClymonds, Hoover-Foster and Clawson neighborhoods of West Oakland since the 1970's. The journey toward opening an independent, locally-owned and mission-driven food market and café was long and faced many challenges. Community Foods Market (originally known as People's Community Market) is a case study of the barriers that under-served communities face in opening food stores and the creative solutions, partnerships and tenacity that it takes to prevail. We're grateful to all of our Founding Shareholders, lenders, partners and allies who helped Community Foods become a reality. We did it!

Our Team

Brahm Ahmadi, President and CEO, brahm@communityfoodsmarket.com

Dennis Hanley, General Manager, dennis@communityfoodsmarket.com

Andres Ortega, Assistant Store Manager, andy@communityfoodsmarket.com

Jose Ortega, Produce Manager, jose@communityfoodsmarket.com

Tien Nguyen, Grocery Manager, tien@communityfoodsmarket.com

Alisha Porter, Food Service Manager, alisha@communityfoodsmarket.com

Rocio Juan, Front End Manager, rocio@communityfoodsmarket.com

Tamara Smith, Accounting & HR Manager, tamara@communityfoodsmarket.com

Our Partners

Independent Grocers Alliance

With a membership of 6,000 stores across 30 countries, IGA has been supporting independent, locally-owned grocers for 93 years. IGA provides our store with a variety of services and supports including:

  • A network of wholesalers, brand manufacturers and service providers
  • Over 600 IGA exclusive brand products that deliver value
  • Digital marketing platforms including coupons and rewards program
  • Online Retail Learning Institute offering 140+ training courses
  • Assessment, benchmarking and coaching of retail operators
  • Best Practice Sharing Library of winning innovations and strategies

Community Foods Market