Front Porch Cafe

Open 7:00am – 9:00pm

The Front Porch Café caters to what many people in the neighborhood have asked us for: a clean and warm-feeling eating destination in their own neighborhood where they can gather, have great experiences, be entertained and build community. The Front Porch Café is a well-lit and enjoyable space with greenery and art on the walls to create an inviting and enjoyable environment. The café offers a variety of prepared foods ranging from bagels, pastries and breakfast wraps to sandwiches and salads to entrees, side dishes, and soups, to house-made cookies and pies. We make sure to have foods that reflect local ethnic preferences including Southern and Latin flavors. Our foods are made with fresh & whole ingredients whenever possible. Coffee, hot beverages and smoothies are served all day.

The Front Porch Café has its own entrance to distinguish the space as its own setting and destination. But the café also has a counter serving into our food market so that you can easily order hot foods while doing your shopping.

In addition to a menu of delicious foods to eat, the Front Porch Café will offer a variety of social events and entertainment such as live music, poetry readings, movie showings, socials, art exhibitions, supper clubs and BBQs.